Hi, I’m Camilla Ma Ra,
a spiritual mentor, a serial entrepreneur and a visionary leader of the New Era. Camilla is the founder of True North by Camilla Ma Ra International, a company dedicated in assisting people living from their Highest Purpose and creating a soul-led way of life and business, in whatever way that looks for them. It is about allowing ones soul expression to lead the way and weaving with the powerful magic of life and the Mastery of Divine Manifestation.

Camilla is now buildning a small retreat center in Sweden's softest and most magical place. This Sanctuary is a place for rejuvenation, where leaders can come and open to their most profound soul expression and divinity.

Camilla is a mother of two teenagers. She loves being in the nakedness of nature, the northern lights, and swimming with wild humpback whales, orcas, and dolphins, and allowing life flow free. She has dedicated her life to world service.