A cry for new leadership is echoing around the world

Mar 16, 2022

Beloved One,

There is a cry for new leadership echoing around the world and within the universe. A leadership of the new era that changes the world. We are all called to lead in this new way – a true soulful leadership, with strong compassion and a selfless commitment to world service.

You are called to lead in this way. It is your inner knowing that is the driving force of your higher calling. You have been prepared for eons, to embody your higher mission and to bring this into action and manifestation in world service. You are the creator of the new era. We are all the creators of the new era.

I am inviting you into your next level, not only to follow your highest calling, but also fulfill it in ease and grace. I am inviting you to explore the boundless potentials of your divine calling and discover your own brilliance. I am inviting you into the magnificent leadership program "Beyond the Beyond - a conscious leadership program of the new era".

Beyond the Beyond is more than a mentorship or one-on-one sessions. It is a way, a path for you to stand true to your own inner compass and your soul. It is a way to go where no one has gone before, to rise above, to go beyond and discover your excellence that is already inside of you. It is a way to move out and into the world and shine your brightest light. It is a way where you are divinely supported in manifesting your highest life purpose.  

Is this really me you might wonder? YES beloved, this is YOU. If this were not you, you would never have read this message, or come this far. I know this is YOU. It is not about where you are in the world right now. It is all about your soul, your highest purpose and that your higher self is calling you forth in this moment. The world needs you.

I know you have spent so many years of your life in serving, aligning, healing, teaching, transforming ...... all that have been your walk of the past and that you now can bring into this program and transmute. ...... your lessons are learned and you are ready for the grace of transfiguration, and step into your next level. Allow yourself to be guided and prepared.

The gateway that is opening through Beyond the Beyond is for those of you that are really committed to your soul and to divine service. 

Within the Beyond the Beyond program you will work close together with me and other divine masters in an intimate divine space and be supported in every part of your life.

The sessions, the powerful transmissions, the activations, the teachings, the divine healing, the initiations, the spiritual path, the integrations and the practices IS the program – and it is all about conscious leadership of the new era. Never before has it been so greatly needed on our planet. 

I will bring all my heart into the support of you on this way. Beyond the Beyond is a training of co-creation and divine manifestation. You will learn the art of becoming a co-creator within your life and moving into divine partnership that is essential and is the way of great consciousness shift. 

Are you ready

To be the exception 

To rise above

To go beyond

To find your inner compass and allow it to guide you.


 If you allow this,

If you allow yourself to receive the divine response of the universal flow,

 You will have it all ....


The divine outflow of leadership of the new era – IS excellence.

And the excellency is already inside of you. It is your own natural flow that now are going to move out into the world, to be itself, to know what it knows and to do what it is send here to do.

Beloveds, the door to "Beyond the Beyond" is now open....

I welcome you to consider walking hand in hand with me and divine masters into deeper Spiritual Service and join Beyond the Beyond 6-month leadership program.

Through this leadership program there will be light of many hearts flowing out in the world. As your heart open, and your eyes begins to truly see - how you are being called. 

So come, beloved, come and be part. 

This is a calling to be part of something that changes the world.

If you are feeling the call – let us have a meeting!

Do not wait, there is only a few places left.


Beyond the Beyond is a way where divine light itself changes the very nature of how we think and see about leaders and leadership, and we innerstand that there is only one leadership, and that is a leadership of service. This is the leadership that changes the world

2022 is a year to Dare for the Stars, Dream of the Impossible and Awaken your Aliveness. 

I love you!

and remember, you can have it all!

In Love and Grace


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