Time to go ALL IN

Mar 14, 2022
Beloved One,
There are many hugely powerful activations happening in all souls at this very moment, at accelerated rate in the last years, as Divinely agreed. These activations are about the missions and special assignments those souls took on – that YOU took on beloved - to fully embody and anchor the new earth.
In this NOW the old earth is dismantling and the new is built. There is of most importance to navigate and live within the new. There is no time nor place to stand with one foot in each side. This is not working anymore, as you are not who you used to be. These times are calling for you to remember who you are, as we are all called to step into our missions and deepen in world service.
It can be challenging to navigate in and within the new, where we are the ones building it. There is no were to lean into but trust. Many I have met are not ready to embody these new frequencies and light as they are still holding onto old grudges or holding on to very old anger, shame and guilt. It is absolute necessary to let go of the old, if you want to assist in building the new.
Sometimes we tell ourselves that we are doing all we can …. But are we … really?
I AM TELLING YOU that this is one of the things you use to not fully step into your life mission.
I know that
every struggle you have had ......
every resistance......
every step …....
has been preparing you for this VERY MOMENT.
We are at the very beginning stage of the most important decade we will ever have lived so far in our life, and that we all are needed in the world. To change the world, the dynamics within ourselves must also change.
In Love

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