Your Higher Calling

Mar 15, 2022

Beloved Ones, Sisters and brothers, 

It is time to experience the highest and most profound way of life. If you are called to the new era of awakened leadership, stewardship and guardianship that is grounded in pure consciousness and the Timeless teachings of Sacred Knowledge – enter the gateway of Higher Consciousness.

As we enter the gateway of higher consciousness and walk through this door we feel our purpose and we KNOW it is true. Once we remember who we are, we more clearly innerstand why we are here. When we are clear of who we are, what we came for, we can start to bring in all creator codes of leadership, of abundance, of soulfulness, of prosperity and of peace and discover our life our life and into embodiment. 

Remember that the heart’s voice from our soul, is always connected to Source at all times. It always was, always is, and always will be.  We are energy which can’t be created nor destroyed, only transformed. 

It is our soul vibration, it is our voice of wisdom, it is our genius that guides us forth. It is our higher presence that walk the path where our mastery truly begins. Those that are called to the new era of leadership and to serve our planet it is time for you to enter the gateway of higher consciousness. 

In Love and grace 



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