To a deep and powerful clearing transmission to re-connect your pure heart with Gods infinite ray of pure love.


Welcome to receive this transmission in your own time and space.

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I wish you the most divine journey through this clearing of ancestral lineages.


By clearing the ancestral lineages we are helping our human family to return to the One.

Beloved Ones,

By receiving this transmission you are assisted in the clearing and healing of your ancestral lineage, to heal, clear and forgive old deeds against Mother Father God, to purify reversals connected to this and to the false light, clearing all mind control programming your ancestral lineage is holding and carrying.

By clearing the ancestral lineages we are helping our human family to return to the One.

In this activation we will also reclaim all fallen monads, dissolve any frozen self-esteem, replace dead structures and negative forms, we terminate all false father replications and reconnect our pure hearts with God's infinite ray of pure love.

We will also be clearing moon chains and restore all communication links and energies with the avatar Body of Christ Holy Mother.

In Love

Camilla Ma Ra


* meet your true father and be embraced by his unconditional love

* come to the root cause of the distorted masculine

* receive the TRUE FATHER

* receive deeper healing and embodiment of your inner masculine

* clear the false father and false parent programming

* clear and dissolve the victim - victimizer programming and all remains and residues of that programming

* nourish your inner child in his unconditional love

* heal your deep feelings of betrayal and abandonment

* clear the illusion of separation

* heal the woundings towards the masculine and men

* strengthen your inner core and masculine pillar of Light

This sounds amazing - Sign me Up!









Join me, brothers and sisters around the globe!

Clear your body and energetic field of ancestral false memories and assist your human family to return to the One.


I am an ancient soul from the Shining Ones, a Gate Keeper of the North, one of the Cosmic Mothers, an Ascension Guide and Wayshower and I am walking the Pathless Path of the One.  

I am dedicated to anchor the New Earth consciousness of Divine Love and to lift the veils of Truth. I am a keeper of the Flame of the Eternal Goddess and holds the White Flame within my soul.  

I am a mother of two beautiful children living in Sweden, also having an ordinary life with laundry, cooking and home school. I love to play, adventures and naked swims.  

I am calling in those who are holder of codes, templates and keys for a specific place, code and/or work and support all who is ready to fulfill Higher Service on Earth on their journey into Your Souls Mastery.    

I am here to offer you the support, the guidance and the sacred space on your journey into Living Higher Consciousness. 

YES Please - I am in!

I feel this is a fundamental meditation in my souls journey. I deeply recommend it. I felt a huge clearing, releasing, dissolving at different levels, specially a deep healing in the ancestral lines. The releasing of the old by making space to welcome and enter into the New. "

- Lilia

The transmission felt very powerful energetically. Different fields of stagnant energy around me was discovered and cleansed/ re-programmed/ de-programmed. Not many stories that I remember. When we merged with the heart/love of God I wanted to stay there forever"

- Ingrid

This is one of the most potent clearing and healing transmissions I have received. Lifting the veils to truth. Yes it truly washed out so much stagnant energy in my whole ancestral line. So grateful and I would recommend it with all my heart to anyone longing for deeper soul heart connection"

- Linda