We are at the threshold of absolute transfiguration.

This journey invites you into a new way of living.

We come to Earth to enjoy life, to play, to make love every day.  This is available to us as we embody the evolved divine feminine consciousness.  And as we choose to anchor and emanate the love of the Divine Holy Mother and the Holy Father. 

This is a journey for devoted men and women who are ready to shine their greatest light, to be transmitters of divine love, to embody selfless service to the One.

Something very unique is now happening on our planet.

We are experiencing a great emergence of human consciousness. HER Great Awakening is roaring into the critical mass. And here we all are now, incarnated in this time, because of the Great Awakening. We have come together to be a part of this; to activate our original blueprints and to receive these new frequencies and light codes.

A new template of the Restored Divine Feminine and Rebirthed Masculine has been anchored in its fullness, bringing access to new codes to support us in embodying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within our bodies as divine humans. These new light codes activate your dormant DNA and your Higher Heart so you can expand your love frequency.

This 8-week course offers you the space to open, receive, and anchor these frequencies into your divine body. As you integrate this awareness and come into a deeper expression of Love, new truths and realities are revealed.

Pure co-creation awaits your sacred yes.


This is more than a course. It is living light codes.

We will co-create a quantum field of divine love in this journey together, and receive a very advanced template to activate, embody and transfigure into the new world.

Through this journey, you will be deeply supported, with guided meditations, exercises and a sacred Temple Space of your brothers and sisters. And the intention of all this, is to support you in sustaining a high vibration and high level of consciousness, to come into the fullness of your embodiment of your Divine Soul and Divine Purpose.

 You will feel the arc of this journey, as you tune in below. First, we clear, extract and release ~ empty our fields and recalibrate into the zero-point. From this space, we are ready to upgrade. We can ignite the inner flame, activate our unique staff and rod codes, and remember fully who we are and why we are here.

We open our temple with a journey in and through the Goddess Gateway, accessed through your sacred heart. As you connect to the Heart of the Goddess, you integrate and heal your wounded feminine energies, and begin to access all of the higher dimensions and frequencies.

Re-connect with the true Divine Mother, activate new codes, and heal the mother and sister wounds. We bring awareness to the effects of division and separation created by the wounded healer/warrioress consciousness. This allows for a re-activation of true inner love.

As we transition directly into the Light, and the true essence and frequency of the Goddess, we are entering HER GREAT AWAKENING and merging into the Light itself. Receive the new light codes and consciousness of the Golden Age, directly from the fully anchored Christos Sophia Magdalena Consciousness.

Mary Magdalena is bringing forth the divine light codes, and her song IS the New Blueprint of our New World where we live in peace and harmony.

Healing the Divine Masculine wound is an essential part of the journey to harmony, balance and healthy expression of pure unconditional love.  Release the False Father, the deep traumas and implanted programs of pain, confusion and chaos, the disconnection from our energetic and spiritual self. Open to the Rebirthed Divine Masculine.

Heal the distorted feminine and masculine sexual energies and activate your pure Shakti Kundalini Energy. We first clear, extract, correct reversals and distortions. From this zero-point, we transfigure and restore ourselves into pure expressions of sexual, creative energy

After eons of absence, the True Holy Father has returned, ready to embrace you. Unite the universal aspects of God Father and Mother within. This Divine Love Union is the foundation of the universe, and all creation.

Repair the magnetic imprints of distortions in the physical body and light body, and receive new solar codes that will ignite the Keeper of the Flame Blueprint. Activate staff and rod codes to assist in the full embodiment of the Christos-Sophia templateand the merging into Hieros-Gamos, Divine Union.

 In our closing week, we enter the world as the Restored Divine Feminine and Rebirthed Divine Masculine. This is a merging into Light itself, the true essence and frequency of Source.

As higher timelines and light codes come online, our bodies must be prepared. 

It requires an open, healed heart full of LOVE to maintain the frequency humming in higher dimensions. 

Through the gradual healing and clearing of dense trauma, ancestral patterns, and activating the light body, we evolve into higher dimensional frequencies, clear connection with our higher self and deep Soul embodiment.

This journey is here to support you through this gateway with grounding, focus, deeper healing, expansion of the emotional body and release of any residual programming, implants or reversed energy.

We embrace, accept and love all that is. And we create the space to receive, upgrade and embody the new divine consciousness here for us all.


"To have Camilla as a guide when I tried to find answers outside of myself is an extraordinary experience for me. I have been in Camilla's circle and the sisters of the Rose since a year back, and I'm so grateful for that. It was when I first met her I could start moving through the blockages, the layers and the limitations for real. Camilla is a true way shower by her presence, holding a loving space, the support she give is in such a soft, feminine, playful, yet so powerful is giving me a real example how to live your spirituality to the fullest."

- Sudarat Kotmatcha

"I cannot tell you how thankful I feel for this work. It feels like Source guided me to reach out to you and open up to these teachings! It is the teaching we need for this time in order to embody the process of Ascension. First of all, I was guided to find out and work with the activation of staff codes, this is why I decided to do this course without knowing what staff codes were, it re-ignited my remembrance of being the keeper of the flame, a female Melchizedek. Time collapsed and I had a clear vision of all of it. The germination of all this wisdom was already here, but not as clearly as now! Thank you from the deepest sinews of my being. There is a powerful feeling of embodiment present now, a connection, a clear, powerful flow of life-force energy and a much more embodied Kundalini flow. Wow... "

- E. J.

You restore the world
by restoring yourself.

This journey is for both Sisters and Brothers of Light ~

The New Consciousness resonates with love, the divine laws, inner peace and bliss. It is a frequency that unites. It is living from a place where love pours through you. Where you live as your Divine Essence and in your Divine Purpose. 

Together, we are transitioning into a new "playing" field, it is a huge multidimensional shift in awareness. And this journey will assist you in staying focused, committed and feeling supported through this gateway and beyond.

It is a foundation to help you co-create a life of your highest vibrational potential, and embody your divine I AM presence.

We journey as a sacred circle of sisters and brothers, called together to expand awareness and anchor these codes and frequencies in our divine bodies.

I welcome you in Love & Devotion ~


Beloved One, this journey is for you who feels the call to immerse yourself in a deep and powerful journey into divine service and full embodiment of your soul purpose.

We are leaving the "I" and coming into the "we," connecting in with the mission of our soul group, and deepening into selfless service. That is why we are here, now.

There are two paths you can choose: the Path of Devotion and the Path of Commitment. Both include:

Opening ceremony on 26th September, live or replay

Weekly content modules with Activations, Teachings, Guided Meditations, Exercises, Affirmations, Movements, Yoga and Guided Inner Journeys designed to support and deepen the embodiment process

Online Sacred Circles via Zoom with teaching, meditations, connection, and Q&A time. Available live or recorded.

Transmissions and activations in your own space

Closing ceremony, live or replay

Templespace - an online forum to share your process with support from Camilla Ma Ra, sisters and brothers

Lifetime access to the course and online content

The Devotion Path is for you, beloved one, who feels a deep calling to walk the path of the Divine Feminine. You will receive the full Online program and support from Camilla and your sacred brothers and sisters in the online temple space. 

You have a deep commitment to your souls' growth and are ready to deepen into selfless service, expanded awareness and devotion.


The Commitment Path is for you, beloved, that are ready to deepen into your spiritual journey and the embodiment of your souls' purpose on earth. This is an opportunity to have group mentoring sessions with Camilla, to hold you in deep accountability during your journey and initiations.

There will be 4 live group mentoring sessions, 3 during the journey and the fourth one month after closing our course, where we focus on activating the seeds of your unique souls' mission on earth. 


"I’ve been working with Camilla’s teachings for about six months, have done couple of her courses and many of her activations/ transmissions which have been of great help in my spiritual journey. I highly recommend Camila’s teachings, she provides you with the knowledge to Become whole, complete, in divine Unisom … your Limitless Version of Yourself, which,  that for me,  is True divine empowerment."

- Lilia Garcia

"To walk with Camilla and the sisters of the Rose is beyond every teaching and path I have experienced in this lifetime.

I get to explore and move trough more layers, limitations and dimensions of me then I knew existed in a supported loving, powerful, feminine, playful and soft way so that I can step in to my full potential and purpose and the full YES to life, love and creation".

- Ingrid