€2.000,00 EUR

Mentoring Intensive 45 days

Welcome to Mentoring Intensive 45 days

What is included:

  • 3 One-on-One Sessions a´ 60 mins (over 45 days)
  • You're been holding accountable for your path and your actions
  • 4 Activations/Transmissions or Meditations
  • Voicenote access to me ( via Telegram)
  • Powerful Daily Practice
  • You are held in a sacred and intimate space
  • Camilla Ma Ra's fully support    

This service is great service of personal support for deepening the spiritual journey and allowing, embracing all there is in the moment of NOW, to find new openings, more clarity, more profound presence, and/or new ways to manifest higher service, in life and divine business.

We work on releasing what is blocking your expansion into the full expression of your voice, and the manifestation of your divine mission and business.

We create your business roadmap, and tweak your messageing and offers for higher value and convertions. 


Welcome Beloved Beautiful Soul!