Join me for a live masterclass where we will heal, purify, activate and restore our potent feminine and masculine sexual energies so we can rise and expand in love, fulfil our potential and co-create in abundance with All. 

Now is the time for you, dear sister, to reclaim your feminine in her fullness; to let go of fear and trauma and to embody the divine expression of your sovereignty. 

And for you, beloved brother, to embody your empowered masculine; to replace old programming that allows the reconnection between your heart and lingam so you can sustain life force energy and hold purity and love. 

This powerful Masterclass took place on Wednesday 8 September, 2021.
Registration is now closed, but you may still receive the recording ~ it is encoded for whenever you choose to listen and receive.  Sign up below:




This masterclass will illuminate how programs and wounds in our minds, hearts, wombs and genitals are affecting our ability to hold our light and fulfil our potential. This may manifest as numbness, fear of intimacy, difficulty connecting to the physical body, feeling pleasure, surrendering to orgasm and attracting abundance.

Years of shame and guilt embedded in our cells have resulted in disconnection from our sacred sexual energy - the powerful Shakti Kundalini energy that rises within us. As long as we are unconscious to these blocks, we leak this beautiful creative energy and stay stuck.

Together, we’ll purify and reclaim our pure sexual energy from a place of self-love. We will deepen into the full embodiment of the feminine and masculine. 

These activations and transmissions may need to be repeated, as we continue to shed layer after layer. Whether this is your first of this type of masterclass, or you’ve been on a journey of self-discovery for many years, new insights, deeper awareness and subtle (or rapid) life-changing shifts are always available to you.


✴ Creating the sacred space that allows for clearing, dissolving, healing and activating required for your body right now. 

✴ How linkages to the reverse energy grid system prevent the free flow of sexual life force within the body, causing energy leaks and difficulty activating your creativity, flow and manifesting abilities. 

✴ How feminine and masculine sexuality, embodiment and love has been distorted, manipulated and suppressed, causing physical illness, disharmony, emotional imbalance and negative mindset. 

✴ The descending and ascending flow of life force and kundalini and how you can reconnect with your inner light, activate a deeper connection with your womb, yoni or lingam and align with the universal flow of unconditional love.

✴ A deeper healing journey into your pure heart and pure sexuality that brings a rise in consciousness and brings you closer to the true embodiment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Join the sacred circle of divine connection and love, supported by your beloved sisters and brothers. This is for all of us.


"Camilla's space is Love, it is truth.

In her space, I want to open everything, my shadow, my light, my sexuality, my shame, my guilt, my anger, and all the parts of me I have spent my life running away from. This is deep healing.”

- Adrian

I am grateful of being here in this magical time of the New Earth, evolving consciousness together with YOU.

I am here to offer you support and guidance on your journey into Living Higher Consciousness.

I offer you a sacred space for you to expand into your true self, so that you can live an inspired, amazing and abundant Life.

I am dedicated to anchor the New Earth consciousness of Divine Love and to lift the veils of Truth. I am a keeper of the Flame of the Eternal Goddess and hold the White Flame within my soul.

I am a mother of two beautiful children living in Sweden, having an ordinary life with laundry, cooking and home school. I love to play, have adventures and naked swims.

My playground is all over the universe. I am calling in those who are holder of codes, templates and keys for a specific place, code and/or work. I have had the honour to work in Sweden, Northern Norway, Svalbard, Hawaii, Tonga, Moorea, Southern France, Turkey, England and Ireland. And now I share here, with you.

In love,
Camilla Ma Ra

“I’ve been working with Camilla’s teachings for about six months, have done couple of her courses and many of her activations/ transmissions which have been of great help in my spiritual journey. I highly recommend Camilla’s teachings, she provides you with the knowledge to Become whole, complete, in divine Unison … your Limitless Version of Yourself, which,  that for me,  is True Divine empowerment.”

- Lilia

"Camilla’s space was somewhat of a revelation for me the first time I experienced it. So soft, loving and utterly safe. During all the time I have spent with Camilla, I have never once felt judged. She is holding a very loving space, as it feels like her natural state. The pureness of the space, intentions and the work feels absolute to me. Camilla is a true servant of True Love and Mother Father God.”

- Anders

Registration for this masterclass is now closed, but you may still receive the recording. It is fully encoded for whenever you choose to listen and receive. And you may find you are called to repeat it many times, as you move deeper into clearing, purifying and healing sexual distortions, so that you can restore your innate, pure feminine and masculine sexual energies and embody the new Divine Feminine Consciousness.

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