This masterclass is devoted to the Rebirth of the Divine Masculine and the Healing of the Masculine Wound.  It is a key to coming into wholeness, to the restoration of unity, to deeper embodiment of the divine masculine and divine feminine within, and within the collective. 

Beloveds, the truth is now rising.  

For so long, men have experienced extreme pain and trauma from these old energies. It is felt as numbness, paralysis, a desire to live more authentically, yet feeling wounded, separate. These energies play out in both men and women, as we all carry the feminine and masculine energies within. And we cannot merge into oneness while these distortions play out.

This is an invitation to a totally different reality. To come into true sovereignty and freedom, and embody the sacred masculine and feminine energies available to us all.

This Masterclass was live on 15 September 2021, and will be available for recording within 48 hours. Sign up below to receive:


After eons of absence, the Holy Father has now returned and we are able to release the False Father and to heal the wounds of the masculine. 

These deep traumas and implanted programs are designed to feed pain, drama, confusion and chaos. The masculine wound resides in mental body and disconnects us from our energetic and spiritual self. When there is separation between the inner masculine and feminine principles, there is suffering, pain and sadness. 

Only when we merge and integrate the Holy Father and Holy Mother can we begin to embody pure love and higher consciousness within.


How we have been subconsciously attached to old programming, creating pain, drama, confusion and chaos both individually and collectively. 

⭒ The separation of the Holy Father and Holy Mother, and bringing them together, now, in Divine Union as the Restored Divine Feminine and the Rebirthed Divine Masculine. 

⭒ Clearing the deep wounds and traumatic memories held within the masculine essence that have led to fighting, fear and separation. 

Embodying the masculine essence and soul on Earth, healing the inner child and releasing the false father and false parent programming.

Healing the feelings of betrayal and abandonment by the true father.

Clearing the feelings of numbness and pain that leads to shut down of the body and fragmentation of the soul. 

This sacred circle of beloved brothers and sisters is here for you: 

Collectively offer energetic support to your brothers, so they may safely let go of unresolved traumas, wounds and fragmentations, allowing them to move into their true, sovereign path of unity.

⭒ Co-create a safe, sacred space to heal, evolve and transform. To release the old programmings, and anchor new codes. 

⭒ Feel supported by your soul family in this space of divine connection and love.


All beings incarnated here on Earth hold both masculine and feminine energy.

Individually and collectively we must now play our part in the healing of the old programming and the  embodying of the new codes.

I am so grateful to be here with you at this magical time as the New Earth dawns and consciousness rises and evolves. 

I am here to bless you with support and guidance on your journey into living in a higher state of love and consciousness.

I offer you the gift of sacred space where you can expand into your true self and live an inspired, joyful and abundant life. 

I am dedicated to anchoring the New Earth consciousness of Divine Love and to lift the veils of truth. I am a keeper of the Flame of the Eternal Goddess and hold the white flame within my soul. 

I am a mother of two beautiful children, living an ordinary life in Sweden with laundry, cooking and home school. I love to play, have wild adventures and naked swims. 

My playground is all over the universe. I am calling in those who are holders of codes, templates and keys for a specific place, code or work. I have had the honour of working in Sweden, Northern Norway, Svalbard, Hawaii, Tonga, Moorea, Southern France, Turkey, England and Ireland. And now, from a place of deep love and compassion, I am here to share my gifts with you.

In love,
Camilla Ma Ra

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this transmission and co-creating this moment. It is truly beyond space and time, beyond words. This feels like the missing piece and the missing perspective, so deeply needed in these times. The false father programming creates this passiveness or false call to action that is not coming from love. Thank you all, for being here, and for Camilla, for transmitting this.

– Anders

This touched my heart and soul so profoundly, I am vibrating. I feel such a powerful harmonic resonance with your words and energy. 

I could watch this every day, I feel the Magdalene/Sophia energy pouring through your words, light and grace. Thank you 1,000 times. I love you beloved sister.

– Howard

In this very special masterclass, we explore the programmings that have led to the separation of the masculine and feminine principles, and enter a transmission of clearing, purifying and healing the distortions so we may merge into oneness through the rebirth of the divine masculine and the healing of the masculine wound. 

This Masterclass was live on 15 September 2021, and will be available for recording within 48 hours. Sign up below to receive:

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