Ascension, Activation, Transfiguration & Unity

- a leadership of the new era

- with Camilla Ma Ra

Camilla Ma Ra – a Visionary Leader of the new era

Camilla Ma Ra is a spiritual woman, a Visionary Leader of the New Era, a Way Shower, Earth Guide, Mentor, Gatekeeper, Teacher and Mother of Ten Thousand Suns, in world service. Camilla Ma Ra's playing field is all over the universe.

She assists awakened souls through the Gateway of the Great Homecoming, to awaken creator codes and ignite their souls with powerful activations directly from pure source light, for expansion and growth in consciousness.

Camilla Ma Ra offers conscious leadership teachings and brings the sacred knowledge of Divine Manifestation for awakened souls to rise as Leaders of the New Era and live a purposeful life as joy, pure passion and deep love in ease and grace. 

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