This is a FREE masterclass that will support beloved men and women, sisters and brothers, in your next level of embodiment of the new divine feminine consciousness.  You will receive a powerful activation to release and clear the old, distorted programs, so that you may awaken and restore divine love within.

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A new template of the Restored Divine Feminine and Rebirthed Masculine has been brought into fullness. We have access to new codes to support the embodiment of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within our bodies.

We are here, now, to be part of the Great Awakening. We are called to open and receive, to activate our original blueprints, embody these frequencies and light codes, so that we may fulfill and manifest our soul's purpose.

This Masterclass is an invitation to that anchoring. Trust your soul's call.

The new divine feminine consciousness that brings the teachings of the new earth. After experiencing eons of separation, of distorted feminine and masculine consciousness, of fear, pain and control ~ a new era is here.

The difference between TRUE LIGHT and the old/distorted archetypes of the feminine as we transition directly into the true Essence and Frequency of the Goddess.

The truths about what happened to HER and HER Children. In order to receive and embody fully this higher consciousness, we must bring awareness to all that has been:

~ The manipulations, reversals and implants that have led to separation from soul, from love, from the divine body; that have turned sisters against sisters and brothers against brothers, all to control the Creative Forces of the Universe.

~ How these reversals of the divine feminine principle have inverted feminine energies, life force and kundalini flow. This prevents access of the original blueprint, staff codes, inner flame codes and full divine feminine embodiment.

~ Any link into these reversals leaks pure soul essence and life force. This leads to difficulty in deep intimacy, connection with the Higher Self and Beloved Mother Father God.

Together, we will clear and restore. We will release and correct what has kept us contracted. You will receive a powerful transmission with new light codes of the Divine Feminine Consciousness. These light codes are the New Teachings of our new Golden Age and come directly from the fully anchored Sophia Magdalena Consciousness.

With the Restored Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine has been rebirthed, and now they merge into One. The true Hieros Gamos template can anchor.

As you anchor and stabilize this consciousness, you upgrade to totally new models, modalities and healing systems. This allows you to continue to rise, remember, activate hope and understanding, and merge the free will into Divine Will.

The Restored Divine Feminine is for the whole of humanity. It affects us all; it is us all. This is what we came here for.

Registration for this Masterclass has now closed.
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 Inviting you now to pause ~

Take a moment to relax, drop into your heart space, and breathe.

Enter the vast, infinite space of the sacred heart, and open to receive the codes here for you now. 

I am grateful of being here in this magical time of the New Earth, evolving consciousness together with YOU.

I am here to offer you support and guidance on your journey into Living Higher Consciousness.

I offer you a sacred space for you to expand into your true self, so that you can live an inspired, amazing and abundant Life.

I am dedicated to anchor the New Earth consciousness of Divine Love and to lift the veils of Truth. I am a keeper of the Flame of the Eternal Goddess and hold the White Flame within my soul.

I am a mother of two beautiful children living in Sweden, having an ordinary life with laundry, cooking and home school. I love to play, have adventures and naked swims.

My playground is all over the universe. I am calling in those who are holder of codes, templates and keys for a specific place, code and/or work. I have had the honour to work in Sweden, Northern Norway, Svalbard, Hawaii, Tonga, Moorea, Southern France, Turkey, England and Ireland. And now I share here, with you.

In love,
Camilla Ma Ra

"In deep gratitude for your service, Thank You for The Powerful Divine Feminine Transmission beloved Camilla, brothers and sisters. Love and blessings. Coming together in the Christ Consciousness Field of Love all as One. What a beautiful sacred space."

- Lilia Garcia

"Dearest Camilla! Thank you for that powerful and wonderful transmission! Words cannot express the shifts and the releases and the quantum effect it had and is continuing to have within all aspects of my being! I experienced some clearing and integration afterwards! This transmission was/is immensely powerful and huge! I am beyond grateful and basking in the radiance! Thank you!"

- Thea

Registration for this Masterclass has now closed.
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