Brothers and sisters, welcome to this powerful, 10-day transformational gathering: Voice of the North - Living Light Code Winter Solstice Gathering.  We are coming together as ONE, in a vast network of unity, activation and expansion.

Each day will feature two presentations from our 15+ New Earth wayshowers and leaders, to share the wisdom of the North, the love of our sacred land, to anchor the new light and reconnect to our Northern soul tribe.

It is an honour to be here in this magical time of the New Earth, evolving consciousness together with YOU. 

Sunday 12 December

8 PM • Opening Ceremony and 12:12 Galactic Gateway Activation

Camilla Ma Ra & Lisa Sophia Raven

Monday 13 December

4 PM • Calling in the Purification Codes for All

Lisa Sophia Raven

8 PM • Vætter (Wights): The Natural Beings in the North

Gudrun Gotved 

Tuesday 14 December

8 PM • Messages from the Tree Consciousness

Madeleine Walker

Wednesday 15 December

4 PM • The New Children: Bringer of Joy

Elli Zaar & Nuhar Abrahams

8 PM • Mental Health Care for the New Earth

Sarah Palgrave

Thursday 16 December

4 PM • The Embodiment of the New Divine Masculine

Kyle Abbott, Wayne Greensmith, Ben Mullen & Manereia Hanuman

8 PM • Building Holistic Communities

Thoor Sananda

Friday 17 December

4 PM • The Present Ascension Journey of Mother Earth

Charlotte Willekens

8 PM • The Reunion of Beloved Mother & Father within our Hearts

Manereia Hanuman

Saturday 18 December

4 PM • Bridging the Worlds

Sven-Magnus Schough

8 PM • The Light of the North Concert

John Bark and Voice of the North Tribe

Sunday 19 December

4 PM • The Water Song of the Divine Mother

Birgitta Franzén

6 PM • ÝRA: ICE(land) CODES ~ Sourcing & Amplifying the Remembrance

Linda Mjöll Stefansdottir

8 PM • Life in the 5th Dimension

Dittelys Tiara

Monday 20 December

4 PM • I walk with my ancestors from the Sea Sami Tradition

Lone Beate Ebeltoft

8 PM • Why I was Born in the North: Collective Clearing & Healing the Great Fall of the North

Camilla Ma Ra

Tuesday 21 December

4 PM • Winter Solstice Closing Ceremony: The Gateway of Freedom

Voice of the North

The Voice of the North Circle are the epic wayshowers from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Greenland, Scotland, England, Ireland and Denmark, who are coming together to share our ancient wisdom, light codes and activations with YOU ALL.

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