Beloved One, It is my joy to offer you this Meditation - Where can I find "enough"? ‚Äč

This meditation is for everyone that feel that they are not enough, and have or are struggling with loving One self. Recorded from a Live meditation. 

Welcome to receive in your own time and space!


In Love

Camilla Ma Ra

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For everyone struggling with loving One self.


What others say about the meditation....


"It was wonderful, so softening and restoring my energy fields and physical body as well. I became one with my breath and heartbeat.. i became still on a very deep level..."


"I loved how this meditation helps coming back to the heart, to the connection with the body, the soul and releasing what doesn’t need or want to stay. Very powerful as always"


"Thank you Camilla for this huge and vast heart space where everything is held and we are remembering our essence of truth and divine love"

In what areas have you searched for this "enough"?

Do you recognise yourself? "I'm not good enough. I'm not bright enough. Or beautiful enough. I'm not enough as a mother or father. I'm not enough as a lover. I am not enough..."

Fear of really showing oneself. What if I'm not good enough? So in what areas have you searched for this "enough"? How much time have you put into this searching?

In this meditation we merge and deepen to give ourselves and receive self love. I'm here with you, to co-create a meditation that is all about "Where can I find enough?"

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