Our True North is the calling of One's spirit, the wisdom of the heart dedicated in divine world service



Invitation To You


Welcome to a 5+3-day in-person Retreat



at the Heart of the North Sanctuary, Sweden
11-17th August 2023


This retreat is for you that carry a deep desire to move into a purposeful life,


and create a whole new way of divine service, and living that is aligned with your soul mission, and brings you deep joy and fulfillment, every day.

You are here to walk the path that leads you home to your soul. Where you are anchored in your sovereignty. Embodied in your Divinity, to create a new way you love, lead, parent, and serve.

This is the retreat for YOU to come HOME,  to BE just YOU, the fullness of YOU, in every moment. Aligned and anchored in your soul, your sovereignty, your divine energy, your tribe, your mission, and your unlimited abundance.  


Yes, This is me - I am joining the True North Retreat

Joining this retreat you become the new earth leader who walks the path of softest surrender, strong devotion, and a deep anchoring - in your vision, your purpose, and your leadership. 

Living one's inner True North...


is a life in alignment with your authentic self, walking the path meant only for You. To live your Greatest Self, being in inner peace knowing WHO you are and WHY you are here, holding the direction, the fire, the calling in every cell, so strong that there is no choice but to walk....

No matter how scared you are, or not feeling trust or safe ... you walk anyway. Your deepest calling is stronger .... and is your leading light. Your inner North Star is the catalyst that shifts your consciousness.

To allow the joy, love, and truth guide you, in every breath. To live from your being, and manifest your greatest life, in simplicity and softness, the way it wants to be for you. To receive love, to choose to trust, in all moments, and letting the universe show the way. To let the voice of the soul be your inner compass. To love life, exactly as it is.

You are here to live on purpose.


"It is all happening NOW - I see, feel the Divine Plan and believe it!

I don't think I believed it before really. Oh my God! I need no more. Just to know this. My deepest gratitude to you Camilla for holding this space and making this possible. For your love and wisdom and deep service to Mother Father God. You want me and everyone to shine our light and have the best life. Your heart is so huge and your light so radiant. Thank you for showing the way, paving the way and helping us home. I'm forever grateful."

– Birgitta Seraphima

You are here to walk the path that leads you home to your soul.


Being at the Heart of the North Sanctuary brings rapid elevation of consciousness, yet it is the radiance of Camilla Ma Ra and her graceful divine space and effortless mastery that is the unique experience of yours. 

This retreat is a rare opportunity to work close with Camilla Ma Ra and the exclusive nature of HER retreats is the potent power of the LIVE transmissions, sacred teachings and activations that provides experiences of great illumination of awakening and expansion of consciousness. 

The Gateway of Divine Homecoming is a highly intimate and personalized retreat for the purpose of the greatest personal, world, and planetary service. The retreat is a deeply intimate, joyfilled space with amazing like-minded beautiful souls who all are feeling their higher calling to unfold their ultimate true soul-expression in manifesting their highest timeline and fully unfolding their master blueprint and highest calling.

The intimate form of this retreat activates essential breakthroughs and the "divine-focus" is the defining difference of the greatest expansion in consciousness. The group field that is co-created hold a potent power that serves the global awakening of all souls. 


YES! I´m signing up NOW!

You are here to create a whole new way of divine service, and live a life that is aligned with your soul mission.

You will learn, activate and embody:

✨ True North Star alignment

✨ Quantum leap of your soul

✨ New divine human soul signature activation

✨ Explore Your True Soul-Expression 

✨ Your highest potential of this lifetime

✨ Abundance and creator ship codes activations

✨ Partnership with the Divine

✨ Re-connect with your Soultribe and Galactic Team

✨ Leadership mentoring

✨ Lymphatic system release

✨ Nervous system re-set and upgrade

✨ Deep cellular recalibration

✨ Pineal gland activation

✨ Light language – soul songs activations

✨ Soul-inbodiment

✨ Dance, yoga, sound vibrational healing

✨ Meetings in truth

✨ Being embraced of Divine Mothers infinite love

You will also experience:

Much laughter, daily swims in the golden lake, deep heart-meetings with other beautiful souls, deep connection with elementals, nature spirits & the Divine, and much much more…

Accommodation & food included


+ a unique opportunity to extend the retreat with 3 days; 15-17 Aug:

 to work ON your Divine Service Mission and create clarity and make a plan of how YOU can
manifest Financial Freedom and a Life of Your Dreams, dedicated in divine service.
You can add on 3 days, to put your individual divine mission into manifestation …

Holy Service!

You know you are meant for more.


Camilla is a spiritual mentor, a serial entrepreneur, and a visionary leader of the New Era. She is the founder of True North by Camilla Ma Ra International, a company dedicated in assisting people living from their Highest Purpose and creating a soul-led way of life and business, in whatever way that looks for them.

It is about allowing one's soul expression to lead the way and weaving with the powerful magic of life and the Mastery of Divine Manifestation.

Camilla is now manifesting a small retreat center - the Heart of the North Sanctuary, in Sweden's softest and most magical place. This Sanctuary is a place for rejuvenation, where leaders can come and open to their most profound soul expression and divinity. She has dedicated her life to world service.

Align into your inner True North Star.


"It was in the Great Homecoming retreat that I for the first time in my life felt the love from MotherFather God. I felt the love and care of Mother Earth. I was home! I know who I am. I know why I came. Camilla was there for us all the way. You didn´t get a chance to slip away with anything. Camilla is wonderful just to be around, you are constantly reminded of the light. She holds you in her light and see you for who you really are until you see it for yourself. If you get a chance to attend a retreat with Camilla, GO! It will change your life forever!

- Anna

This sacred space is your portal and guiding path.


Beloved Beautiful Soul,

If you feel a yes, book a call or a chat with me and I will share more about this "once-in-a-lifetime" retreat.

Yes I want to book a call


Yes I want to connect with you on messenger

It only shifts when YOU decide it shifts.

Beloved Beautiful Soul

I can not wait to share this experience together with you.

I am grateful being here with you at this magical time as we build a New Earth together as consciousness rises and evolves.

I am honoured walking together with you... 

It’s time to lead — in pure trust and surrender.