Welcome brothers and sisters, to meet the Voice of the North Circle, the speakers and leaders in our gathering. We come together to share with you the wisdom of the north, the love of our sacred land, from all across the Northern lands ~ including Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Greenland, Scotland, England, Ireland and Denmark, and we are here to share our ancient wisdom, light codes and activations with YOU ALL.

It will be a potent, 10-day transformational gathering of wisdom keepers from the North coming together as ONE and forming a network of unity, activation and expansion.

Join us, and thousands of like-minded souls from around the globe, as we reconnect with our Northern Soul Tribe to explore the wisdom of the North, anchoring the light as we take a journey through thousands of years of traditions, lineages, songs and stories.

Ancient Mother, Soul Purpose Activator & Gatekeeper of the North // Sweden


Camilla's mission and vision is to anchor higher consciousnesses and new earth templates and to share this wisdom to empower others on their journey into living higher consciousness and soul mastery. Camilla is one of the gatekeepers of the North. She is a seeker of truth. She has often incarnated in times of big shifts and she is here to anchor higher consciousness wisdom, new earth templates and higher vibrational timelines in different ways.

Tune in with Camilla on 20 Dec at 8pm CET for:

"Why I was Born in the North : Collective Clearing & Healing of the Great Fall of the North"



Holder of Sophia  & Dragon Codes, Soul Alchemist & Light Language Linguistic // UK


Lisa works from Source consciousness. She is a Soul Alchemist and Energy Catalyst, a Lemurian High Priestess who embodies Blueprints of the Original Source Codes carrying Sophianic Christos Templates of Pure Light for distribution as a Grid Worker, Weaver, Mentor and Master Healer.

Lisa's involved work is Anchoring the Divine Templates of re-coding crystalline consciousness for the return of the Golden Frequency through Opening Inner Earth Portals and Grids, and through Sacred Land Gatherings and Personal Activation Sessions.

Tune in with Lisa on 13 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"Calling in the Purification Codes for All"

Animal Communicator, Whale Whisperer and Spiritual Empowerment Coach // UK


Madeleine is a world renowned Animal Communicator, Horse and Rider Trauma Consultant and Spiritual Empowerment Coach. Her mission is to raise humankind's awareness of the incredibly deep connections we have with our animals, and the importance of their messages of healing re-empowerment for us and our beautiful planet. Madeleine travels extensively to work with wild species in their natural habitat, and writes and lectures internationally about her experiences.

Tune in with Madeleine on 14 Dec at 8pm CET for:

"Messages from the Tree Consciousness"



Ascension support for Mother Earth & Humanity // Sweden


Manereia is a bhakti yogi who channels strong energies of love from the universe that transform both him and the surroundings. His role on earth is to assist the ascension of humanity and earth to higher dimensions and consciousness level.

Manereia will invite Mother and Father Energies to Merge in Our Hearts. Send out Love and making place for the Christ Consciousness to be born on Earth and in us. 

Tune in with Manereia on 17 Dec at 8pm CET for:

"The Reunion of Beloved Mother & Father within our Hearts"



Sea-Sami heritage, Shaman/Noaidi, joik and ceremony // Norway

Lone is of Sea-sami heritage and passionate about Sami ancestral traditions using joik and ceremony. She has walked the spiritual /shamanic path her whole life, and plants, power animals and nature spirits are her closest allies, together with her ancestors. She is very passionate about Circle work, and wants to re-establish Ceremonies around the Norse and Sami ancestral traditions. Lone is co-creator of the Shamanic Association of Norway, she designs and makes Sami inspired and traditional Sea-Sami clothing.  

Tune in with Lone on 20 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"I Walk with my Ancestors from the Sea Sami Tradition"

Samic Shaman and Natureterapeut, Carrier of healing tradition // Norway


Astrid is a Sami shaman and the founder of Sarahkka's, a course and educational center within Sami shamanism. She offers her wisdom of Sami traditions, courses, lectures, ceremonies and is a performing artist. Astrid uses her innate abilities to help other people. She works as a shaman and nature therapist and she also teaches shamanism and Sami traditions. 



Galactic Shaman, Lightworker & Energetic Alchemist // UK

Galactic Integration Group

Sarah, Huna Ha Sa Ka Pa, is a Galactic Shaman and Lightworker in service to Mother Earth and her children, Blessed to hold space for Ascension Consciousness Anchoring, Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Energetic Alchemy.

Having worked in the system many years in the past, Sarah is passionate about reducing the stigma around Mental Health and dissolving the illusion of separation. Bringing this passion into focus for the New Earth, she combines all aspects of her experience to assist the evolution of Higher Consciousness and a New relationship with Self.

Tune in with Sarah on 15 Dec at 8pm CET for:

"Mental Health for the New Earth"

Shaman, Nordic traditions, Community builder // Sweden

Sven-Magnus is a shaman that lives in the middle of Sweden. His work goes hand in hand with the spirit of ayahuasca. He was born in Brazil but has Swedish parents and grew up in the nordics. He brings back our nordic Shamanism and connects with our old forgotten ways up here and combines them with ayahuasca. He also brings back knowledge of our local plant medicine. Sven-Magnus is a community builder and is also working with crystal skulls.

Tune in with Sven-Magnus on 18 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"Bridging the Worlds"

New Earth Community Builder, Swedish President World United // Sweden

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Thoor is giving shamanic ceremonies with Ayahuasca as a sacred plant medicine, he works with Eco house construction and Community building with Loving Awareness.  Thoor's ceremonies focus on restoring the connection to the heart and divine source within. When we enter the heart - deep profound healing takes place and we are able to welcome all parts of ourselves home to our sacred presence.

Tune in with Thoor on 16 Dec at 8pm CET for:

"Building Holistic Communities"

Warrior of Heart, Working with Awakening Men // UK

Wayne is a Warrior of the Heart, here to deliver Freedom Codes and the One True Light.

He holds Heart Space for others to become and remember all they already are and can choose to be…

Wayne has recently been working with awakening men and Soul Coaching the journey with them.

Tune in with Wayne on 16 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"The Embodiment of the New Divine Masculine"

Ambassador of New Earth, Quantum Energy Worker, Light Code Activator

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Kyle, Huna Ha To Ka Pa, is an ambassador of our New Earth. After a spontaneous kundalini awakening in March '20, Kyle has been on a life changing path of growth & expansion. Journeying from darkness & depression to forgiveness, unconditional love & transformation.
Kyle holds space for others, through Energy work, Ascension/life coaching, sacred ceremonies and IAMMAN ~ a MOVEMENT of Transformation, Accomplishment and Growth to Enable Men to step fully INTO their Power – To Step OUT of the programming, conditioning and realize their Pure Potential.

Tune in with Kyle on 16 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"The Embodiment of the New Divine Masculine"

The Völva from Ribe // Denmark

Gudrun considers herself as “Asatru” (one who has faith in the Old Norse Gods) and has a deep interest in nature and especially the healing we receive from her.

Gudrun is a co-founder of the Danish asatru community, Forn Siðr (followers of the old path), and has been a Goði (one who performs rituals) for the past 25 years. Gudrun works wholeheartedly with the Nordic shamanistic practices such as Seiðr, galdr and runes. She has a special contact with the “Vætter” (Wights) as the natural beings are called here in the Nordic countries.

Tune in with Gudrun on 13 Dec at 8pm CET for:

"Vætter (Wights): The Natural Beings in the North"

Freya Consciousness, New Earth Health Care // Sweden

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Birgitta is an ancient soul returning in these times to Earth to contribute with her gifts to humanity and Mother Earth through her self healing journey from the effects of the split in consciousness and the embodiment of her soul once again step by step. She is from the lineage of Freyja and has good relations with stone beings, the Water soul, the sacred mountains.

One of Birgitta's soul missions is to open for new healing methods for the New Earth through the Divine school of Crystal Healing. What has come through so far is the amazing, vast and deep connection with the huge Water soul - singing the song of Divine Mother. The New Earth and New Human are birthed through the sacred waters.

Tune in with Birgitta on 19 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"The Water Song of the Divine Mother"

The New Children, Light Language // UK

Nuhar's awakening journey started in 2012, with a desire to leave a career in IT to become a full-time healer. She trained in Theta Healing, EFT/Tapping, EmoTrance, NLP, Quantum Touch and Atlantean Healing.

In 2018, Nuhar became aware of the hybridisation programme and that she was a mother to many Hybrid Children. Their role is to help us raise our frequency on this planet and to facilitate first contact with our galactic family. She began bringing through the light codes the hybrid children wish to share with us all as we prepare and lay the groundwork for their arrival. Along with healing codes, they so very dearly wish to share their joy with us, and to coax our own inner children to come out to play.

Tune in with Nuhar on 15 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"The New Children: Bringer of Joy"

Energy Healer and Shamanic Minister, designer and child of nature // Iceland


Linda Mjöll, daughter of Stefán, Ýra/Ha Ka To Ri, chose to birth onto the east coast of Iceland, with the Guardian forces of the Giant, Eagle, Bull and Dragon of East.

After years in London, expressing herself through Film & Production Design, the land called her back to give birth to her son and to navigate her LAND forces.

SÓL centre was created, supported by the Great Mother mountain ESJA, Dragon Light
Mountain. Here, the core of her service is Imagination and Play, creating space for deeper connection to the Earth and to ourselves. 

Ýra transmits her codes most effectively within the plasma crystal Ceremonial field supported by the mother/Teacher Plant Ayahuasca. Here she draws on her Peruvian past, her Shamanic Breathwork training and the Lemurian Sound Codes remembrance .

Tune in with Linda on 19 Dec at 6pm CET for:

"ÝRA: ICE(land) CODES ~ Sourcing & Amplifying the Remembrance"


Light Transmitter & Activator // Denmark

Dittelys is a walk-in, here to bridge and navigate the New Earth Reality. She is a conscious creator, assisting in ascension, living as One.

She shares the codes of light and love, freedom, peace and joy. Passing messages from the Divine, activating the light within, Zoraya ~ Mother of All.

Tune in with Dittelys on 19 Dec at 8pm CET for:

"Life in the 5th Dimension"


Elli's greatest joy and passion is to be here for the New children that
are now coming to earth. She is one of the keepers of the Swan Temple on Fårö where some of these beautiful souls are coming down. She is now living on this amazing sacred island together with her son.

Elli holds space and sings for the new souls together with the Cosmic Mothers, as a bridge between the soul parents and the earth parents.

Tune in with Elli on 15 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"The New Children: Bringer of Joy"


Charlotte is a holistic veterinarian working with healing with the animals and in the process of founding a community to live in tune with the nature, and living Mother Earth's ascension.

She works with acupuncture,
homeopathy, osteopathy, crystals, co-creative sessions, past life trauma healing and channeling for animals and their caretakers.

Tune in with Charlotte on 17 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"The Present Ascension Journey of Mother Earth"


Benjamin is from the Isle of Wight, and has been working with sound for over ten years now.

Ben works with the land and community to bring the energetic blueprint to a higher state of vibration.  His mission and goal is to create a garden of Eden, for people to heal and grow and share their light.

He holds space for brothers, bringing in the divine masculine energy in ceremony using sound and mediation to bring in light and explore more multidimensional aspects of ourselves.

Tune in with Ben on 16 Dec at 4pm CET for:

"The Embodiment of the New Divine Masculine"

Elder, Shaman healer & Iceman // Greenland


Angaangaq is a shaman, traditional healer, storyteller and carrier of the Qilaut (winddrum), whose  family belongs to the traditional healers of the Far North from Greenland. Since he was a child he was trained by his family- especially by his Grandmother Aanakasaa – for becoming a shaman. The spiritual task given by his mother is: “Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man”. Angaangaq bridges the boundaries of cultures and faiths in people young and old. He conducts circles, seminars and Aalaartiviit – traditional sweat lodges.

Together we will bring the wisdom of the north to the fore. It is time to tell the true stories of our northern heritage. We come together to share the wisdom of the north, the love of our sacred land, to anchor the new light and to reconnect our northern soul tribe.